Unboxing! StyleTone

Unboxing! StyleTone

Hey lovelies!


I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was awesome, because my monthly Styletone box came in! Today, I will be unboxing the February StyleTone Make-up box. 

For 12 euros a month, StyleTone sends you a make-up box. In this box there are 5 full size beauty products. StyleTone gives the subscriber the opportunity to discover new make-up brands that are based around the world.

I’m not so sure if they ship internationally though.

Get your own box at StyleTone !!

This will be my fourth box and I’m very excited!



So, this is how it came through the mailbox. Our mailbox is a bit broken and that’s why the sides are a bit ripped. I like the lay-out of the box very much. Each month, they have a different theme for the box.

style tone box 2


This is how the products are packed. Everytime I open a box it kind of makes me feel as if I’m opening a royal letter.

inside box


This box includes:

  • A mini magazine that gives information about the products.
  • Matte crayon lipstick
  • Gel effect nail polish
  • Glass Nail File
  • Contouring palette
  • Natural hand cream (x2)




The contour palette is from the brand City Color. Check their site out! [Click]

The palette comes in 3 shades. One for contouring, one as bronzer and another one for highlighting. The palette also has instuctions to help you aply the make-up.

The colors are cream to powder formulated, so you can easily control the amount you want to aply.

The packaging is very light and stays close because of the magnetics inside of the cover.

pallete     palette inside
Next, the nail polish! It’s a nail polish from the brand NAILS INC. This product claims to give your nails a gel manicure effect without the help of an UV lamp! I got the color Black Taxi ( don’t we just love the names they give to nail polishes?)  Visit their site here!



Then, we have the 2 hand creams from Figs & Rouge. I love the packaging of this product! It looks very cute. These creams are made from natural products only and contain shea butter to moisturize your hands. The creams in this box came with a mango scented one and a rose scented one. Click here to see more of this brand.









Next, we have StyleTone’s very first own product! A nail file made out of glass. It looks very pretty and it states in the magazine that it’s easy to clean with just water. Can’t wait to try it out!



Finally, last but not least……… The matte crayon lipstick. I personally prefer crayon sticks more than lipstick because it’s easier to aply. The fact that it’s matte makes it even better. The first thing I noticed about this product is the sweet scent it has. It smells like berries. Very nice! Check it out over hurrr!



I am personally very happy with this box. The products look fun to experiment with and I will do reviews very soon!

I hope you have a nice week!



~ Good vibes only~


PS: For some reason the pictures have very low quality. I’m not sure if it is because I edit them in Illustrator (Photoshop is not working at the moment) or it is because of something else. I’ll try to look for a solution!




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