The 100 3×13 Recap!

The 100 3×13 Recap!

Hey lovelies!

Anothother the 100 recap!

THIS IS A LONG POST. IF you wanted a short recap, imma have to dissapoint you!

Let’s get into it right away!


So, the episode starts in Polis. There are people screaming and Pike is being brought somewhere. The grounders bring him to a place where prisoners get crucified. It looks terrible and I’m really wondering what these people have done to deserve this kind of torture.


Suddenly, FUCKING JACKSON appears together with Jaha, Ontari and Alie. Ontari tells the grounders to untie Pike. Both Kane and Pike are asked if they want to take the chip. They both refuse. Pike is getting thrown in prison, while Kane is brought somewhere else. Abby appears and tells Jaha she’ll take care of Kane.


Arriving at the prison, Pike is being chained up. He tries to talk sense in to the Arkadia people, but it doesn’t work. One of the guards asks the prisoners if they are ready to take the key. This means all of them who are in there were the grounders who refused to take it.

Indra appears to be also in that same prison. She tells Pike she want revenge. 300 Deaths equals 300 cuts on Pike’s body. And that’s exactly what she does. YASS GIRL GET YOUR REVENGE


In the meantime, Kane doesn’t know that Abby took the key as well. She uses that as an advantage and tries to convince Kane into telling where Clarke is. Alie wants her to hurry it up, so Abby starts making out with Kane. This was a stupid move, because Kane understood Abby had taken the key. Seeing the plan had failed, Abby orders the guards to FUCKING CRUCIFY KANE LIKE ITS NOTHING. YOOO ABBY THATS YO FUTURE HUSBAND WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?


Jaha asks Kane one more time if he wants to take the key. Kane still refuses. This means he will be crucified for real. That scene just grossed me out. The hammer hitting the nail through his hand and the wood was sickening. Also his screams weren’t really helping either. THE SOUNDTRACK MADE IT EvEN WORSE??!

Back at the prison, Indra is still cutting Pike. Murphy has enough and says they need Pike to fight against Jaha. A grounder tells Indra to stop. Murphy asks what’s more important? Revenge or her people. She answers with both and that she will have her revenge someday. Guards are coming to check up on the prioners. They find out that one of them managed to get loose. Before they can get to Indra, she kills them and they escapre from the prison.

One of them appeared to already have taken the chip and was used as a spy.


Jaha tries one more time to get Kane to swallow the pill. He still refuses and tells Jaha to just shoot him. Jaha says that he won’t since Kane is the only one knowing where the crew is. He has a better idea to make Kane swallow the key; he puts the gun to Abby’s head and threatens to shoot her. Kane wasn’t able to refuse this time and swallows the key while crying.

His eyes in this scene were so empty, I really can’t get over how talented the actors are, omg.


During the whole episode, we get thrown into a flashbacks. Jaha, Kane and Abby tell Pike he has to teach the 99 prisoners earth skills to survive on the ground. Pike wants to know why, but doesn’t get an answer. He has no other choice but to listen or else he’ll get floated.

The kids don’t seem to be caring much about his lessons. They keep on making jokes the whole time. You can clearly see Octavia being very uncomfortable being there and it makes me upset. Pike says that you have to keep on fighting when you’re on the ground. You must never back down. Murphy jokingly says that he’ll survive.


Soon, Pike finds out why he has to teach the children Earth Skills. He gets upset and wants to tell them why they have to prepare to get on the ground. He explains that the students will most likely pay attention if they know they will be send to the ground. Jaha strongly disagrees and tells Pike to find a way to make the students pay attention.

Pike suddenly gets really aggresive and asks Murphy if he would like to help demonstrating something. He agrees AND THEN PIKE DECIDES TO JUST HIT MURPY TWICE. HE KEEP TALKING ABOUT MURPHY’S PARENTS AND HOW HE’S WASTING HIS LIFE. HE THEN HITS HIM SOME MORE, BECAUSE #YOLO.

The students get scared and Kane comes rushing in blaming them for what happened. Pike then tells them congratulations, they graduated Earth Skills???? HE IS SO WEIRD


You then see the prisoners getting in line with THE OLD SCHOOL WRISTBANDS AAAY. AND WE SEE WELLS. I STILL MISS HIM SO MUCH UGHHH.


The crew is on their way to find Luna. They have to walk, because they can’t go further by car anymore.

During this scene the only thing I could think about was how does Bellamy even know how to drive?

Anyway, they get out the car and they hear running water, a river. We all know where a river is, is a village. Unfortunately, there is no village. Just rocks.


All of them are very upset about the fact they ended up in the middle of nowhere. They decide to stay there for the night and search the shore when the sun rises. Octavia is still mad at Bellamy and tells him she can’t even look at him, because if she does, she sees Lincoln getting killed all over again. Bellamy gets upset and leaves the group to have some alone time. Accidenatlly, Jasper throws some plants in the fire they’ve made. The fire turns green and apparently, Lincoln had the same plant in his book. The green fire is a way to conect with Luna!



Clarke walks up to Bellamy and says she came to see if he was alright. He angerly replies that he doesn’t need her help. You can see on his face that he is about to break down any moment and it’s killing me. Clarke just nods and proceeds to just stand next to him. After he said he didn’t need her help, he immidiately says that he has lost Octavia.

This is the moment he starts pouring his heart out. His eyes are so sad and tired. The actors in this show amaze me so much.

Anyway, he says he doesn’t need help, but help is what he needs the most and Clarke knows this. She reads him like an open book. She tries to console him, telling him Lincoln’s blood is not on his hands. Not on purpose. He tried to save him. She tells him to give Ocatavia some time, that she will understand and that she’ll forgive him. Clarke then asks if he will forgive himself. Bellamy starts crying and I think he just needed somebody to be there for him. He had nobody. Once he started talking about his feelings, he didn’t stop.


He told Clarke how angry he was at her for leaving. And that he never  wants to feel like that ever again. Never would I have ever thought the Bellamy from season 1 would break the way he did in front on Clarke. When she hugged, him, that was what he needed the most. (What she also needed the most) For his best friend to be beside him and telling him that they would fix things. That as long as they are together, it will be fine. He needed somebody all this time.


(And do you know who was beside him at his weakest point? Pike. Pike, just like Bellamy wanted to protect the people he cared about. Bellamy felt that people left him, because he couldn’t protect them, that’s why he listened to Pike. Am I trying to talk the things he did right? Absolutely not! He did wrong. He knew what the fuck he was doing and what the end results would be like. He has a lot of making up to do. I hated him so much during this season. He went to being my favourite character to the one I hated the most. Do you think that didn’t hurt? But this boy lost so much. He did so much. And all I’m saying is he needed his best friend beside him to tell him that is was going to be ok. He needed Clarke. )

During all of this, Bellamy starts crying and my hear broke into pieces. This boy is so broken and tired and I just want to give him a hug.



Luna’s grounders ask them why they used the fire signal. Octavia said that Lincoln send them. Hearing his name, the grounders agree to take the crew to Luna. They have to drink some stuff. It makes them pass out, so the crew can’t see where they are being taken.


The crew wakes up in some kind of bunker. All of their wapons are gone. The door opens and Luna appears. She asks where Lincoln is and seems sad hearing he has died. Clarke tells her about the AI and asks is she wants to become the new commander. Luna seems interested at first, but decides to refuse the offer. She walks out of the bunker and the crew quickly follows to try and change her mind. This is when they realize where they actually are. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING SEA, JUST GREAT 🙂

I’m sorry this post was such a mess. I just got so emotional and I think this has got to be the best episode of the season yet!

Let me know what your favourite moment was!

~Good Vibes Only~


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