Product Review! StyleTone Nail File

Product Review! StyleTone Nail File

Hey lovelies!


Today, I (my mom) will be testing a nail file made out of glass!

The file came in with the StyleTone box of February. It is their first ever own product!

I was very excited about this product untill I remembered that I bite my nails… That means mine are too short to file. Thats why I asked my mom to review it for me! And, because she loves me, *cough cough* she obviously said yes.



The nail file came with a fitting bag. I, personally find the design and the colors very cute and I hate the fact that I can’t use it. I should really stop biting my nails.


file2                                 file1


So, the file is made out of glass. The material is very thick as you can see in the picture. My mom never tried a file made out of glass, so I’m curious what she will think of it.


First, I let my mother file her nails like she usually does and see how she likes the product.

Her first reaction was ” Wauw! It’s so smooth!”



She says that the file is very nice and you can shape your nails very easily. It’s also very sharp which is a good thing. This file is also much lighter than a normal nail file.

Another good thing about this file is, that it doesn’t leave a mess while you’re filing your nails.

She also noticed that she was done much quicker filing her nails with this one. Usually, it takes her a while to finish one hand. With this product, it doesn’t take her a lot of time to get her nails done.



When I asked her if she prefered a normal one she quickly came to the glass file’s defense. She told me she loved the product and will use it in the future.

The only remark she had was, that the file was a bit too thick. She could’t get the corners that sharp, because it was too thick to fit in between.


Overall she was very happy with the product!

StyleTone Glass Nail File got 4 gems out of 5! ????



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