Styletone May Unboxing!

Styletone May Unboxing!

Hey lovelies!

Another month, another Styletone unboxing!

Today, my Styletone makeup box came in the mail! Like always, I’ll do an unboxing for you.

Styletone is a company that sends out a beautybox every month. For  €12,50 you get 5 FULL sized  beauty products!

Get your own box here!

Let’s get into it!


Each Styletone box comes in a beautiful design.


All the products are packed in a, what I call: – A Royal Envelope-.  I really like opening it like that, it makes me feel like I’m a queen. ?


In this box is included:

 – Mini Styletone Magazine

 – Lip Scrub

 – Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting Blush

 – Eyelid Base 

 – Lip Locked Priming Gloss Stain 

 – Eyeshadow Brush


Let’s start with the mini magazine. In this magazine, you can find information about all of the products. They also give you makeup tips! On the last page, they have some kind of social media shout-outs and blogs to check out! I really want to get on that page one day!


Lekkerineenpotje – Lip Scrub Rose & Peppermint


This product is from a Dutch company. Lekker in een potje means ” Goodness in a jar.” The company only uses natural products. You can even eat their products. I obviously tried tasting it. It tastes amazing, for real.  It contains coconut oil and shea butter.


Check their site out here!


29 Cosmetics – Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting Blush


This is the third product that Styeltone has send from this brand and I love it. Their products are really comfortable on my face and are easy to apply. I personally do not use blush, so I’ll give this one to my mom. This one came in the shade Berries. It has a very soft color which I really like. If it was a darker color, I wouldn’t have liked it. It also comes with a brush.

This is not a review, but I just want to say that the brush is very soft and flexible. I had a hard time getting the product on the brush. I might be using it wrong, since I don’t use blush.


This product is made from grape seed which nourishes your skin!

Check 29 Cosmetics out here!


Emite – Eyelid Base


This is the second eye primer that I got from Styletone. I still use the first one. This product is a bit more creamy than the one before. In the magazine it says that you can cover dark circles by putting primer on those spots. Then, you have to apply concealer and they become invisible! This product does not contain parabens!


This shade is very close to my own skin color. It has more of a pink undertone, though.

Check them out here! ( I have no idea in what language it is )


Manna Kadar – Lip Locked Priming Gloss Stain


Apparently, this product is a 3- in- 1 product. It has a build-in primer, the gloss helps you apply it in a more controlled way. Lastly, the stain ensures longer lasting color. It contains vitamin E and A together with berry extracts. ( berries seem to be a really popular ingredient in make-up) I really love the shade. It’s called Lucky.


I obviously couldn’t not use it, so I did. It’s a bit too glossy for me, but that’s fixable with a bit of powder!


 * I have such a round face, lmao *

Check Manna Kadar out, here!!


Marsk – Eyeshadow Brush


The brush feels super soft. I think it’s really good quality. The thing is, I don’t wear eyeshadow, so this one also goes to my momma. Styletone either send us this brush or an angled brush for eyeliner. Now, I am a huge fan of eyeliner, so I would have loved to get that one. I’ll just make my mom happy with this one and steal it whenever I do wear eyeshadow!

Check Marsk out here!

That’s it for this month! I hope you liked it, I sure did. My favourite has got to be the lip scrub! ( cuz it tastes amazing)

Which one is your favourite?

~Good Vibes Only~


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