StyleTone April Unboxing!

StyleTone April Unboxing!

Hey lovelies!

My new StyleTone box arrived! That means it’s time for another unboxing!


StyleTone is a company that brings out make up boxes on every second Friday of the month! For €12,50 you get 5 FULL sized products! Check their website out and get your own!

In my March box, I had amazing products such as a black lipstick and a moisturizing serum. I’m curious about what we’ll get this time!



This month, the box didn’t fit in the mailbox. Why? Beacause it came in a squared box this time! It was bigger and I’m very excited to see what’s inside!


So, when opening the box, the first thing I see is the mini magazine. In here, it states that this is a special box. It contains make up products you won’t need every month. That’s why this special box only comes out once every 1 to 2 years!


After reading through the first page, I finally took a look at the products!


The products look really promising!

In this box are included:

 – StyleTone Mini Magazine

 – Atlas Argan – Argan Oil

 – 29 Cosmetics – Vintage Cream Powder Foundation SPF15

 – Figs & Rouges – Hero Cream

 – Avril Organic – Lipstick Pencil

 – 29 Consmetics – Faux Leather Make Up Pouch

First impression:

I’m really surprised they gave us a foundation. It’s a big risk, but if it’s not your skin tone, you can always give it away or use it for contouring! I’m really happy with the argan oil, because I was about to buy it this week, but I don’t really have a brand I like that produces good argan oil. Maybe this one will be my hero! The pouch is really cute! Also I’m really curious what the cream is for!

Let’s get into it!

20160418_184726 20160418_184845

Atlas Argan – Argan Oil

I literally LOVE argan oil. It does wonders to my hair and skin. I was out of my own oil, so I was going to buy some, untill I got the box. I’m really excited to try this one. This Argan oil is produced in The Netherlands and the reason why it’s so special is because it’s compressed oil. This means it has more nutriens in it!

20160418_185044 20160418_185131

29 Cosmetics – Vintage Cream Powder Foundation SPF15

Next in line, we have the foundation. Surprisingly, it is my shade! It looks very powdery, but when you smudge it with your fingers, you’ll see that it’s very creamy! ( It’s not like it is called CREAM powder foundation or something, duh Irem) The package is very cute. The only thing that’s missing is a sponge, SO I THOUGHT….


You can lift the foundation part, and a sponge will appear! It’s so convienent! The cool thing about this foundation is that it has SPF15 in it. Which means it protects you from the sun!

20160418_185454 20160418_185515

Figs&Rouge – HA+ Hyalluronic Acid 3 in 1 Hydra Activ Hero Cream

That sure is a mouth full. What does that mean exactly? This cream is suppose to help you moisturize your dry skin and help it feel soft! It adjusts the moisture absorption of your skin and it reacts to the season to help your skin feel as amazing as it should! There are many great ingredients in this product such as sesame oil, avocado oil, Aloe Vera and cucumber extracts!

This product is most defenitely the one I’m most excited about!


Avril Organic – Lipstick Pencil

Now, I don’t really wear lipstick and all that, because it just smudges a lot and I don’t like worrying if my lipstick doesn’t look messed up. I do, however enjoy putting on lighter colors just to give it a bit of dimension. Lately, there have been a lot of lip products in the boxes. I wonder why? Anyhow, this product is made from 100% natural ingredients! Which means you won’t have to worry about sillicones and stuff!

Another pro; this brand is very affordable for a company that priduces 100% natural products. Make sure to check it out if you want to save some money!


29 Cosmetics – Faux Leather Make up Pouch

I think the fact they included a make up bag is very cute. It has a zipper on the side and 2 pockets on each side! It’s ideal for travel due to its shape.


That was it for this month’s unboxing. I’m very excited to try out these products! Let me know which one is your favourite!

~Good Vibes Only~


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