Ramadan Tag!

Ramadan Tag!

Hey lovelies!

Today marks the very first day of Ramadan 2016!

Since it’s the first day, I thought doing a tag would be cool.

This year, I want to try something else during Ramadan. I want to start juicing! I already bought my juicer and I can’t wait to begin!

I saw this Ramadan tag on Igra’s blog at The Blushing Giraffe. You should totally check it out. She explains what Ramadan means and all that stuff. Really awesome!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. When do you start getting excited about Ramadan?


I think I get excited a few days before it actually starts. The time before that, I don’t realize it’s that close and I sometimes even forget that Ramadan is next month. Yesterday, I had a birthday party and when I left I was like, ”OMG, tomorrow is Ramadan, I totally forgot. ” After the realization, excitement kicks in.

2. What is your favourite Ramadan Memory?


For the past few years, Ramadan ended while we were in Turkey. When you’re fasting over there, it has such a different vibe compares to fasting in the Netherlands. In Turkey, your family and friends fast with you, you have Iftar together and just the whole feeling of fasting is so much more fun.

In the Netherlands it can be tough sometimes, because not everybody fasts.

3. Does your family have any Ramadan Tradition?

Weirdly enough, we really don’t. My mom can’t fast, because she is sick and my brother is too young to. That leaves my dad and me. My dad just makes sandwiches and egss. We don’t stay up until Sahur.

In Turkey it’s kind of the same, we stay at my grandmother’s house, so she can’t really stay up late either.

Iftar in Turkey is so much fun though! The whole family comes over to my grandma and we prepare dinner. Then, we all set the table outside and wait for the canons to go off. ( I think it’s canons? You just hear a really loud BAM sound and then the prayers start) It’s always really fun and it feels great to be with family at that time.

I live on my own right now and having Iftar on my own is kind of lonely,

4. What is your favourite Ramadan Food?

EVEYTHING. I swear you could give me walnuts and I’ll devour them! ( not really)  I never really thought about having a favourite Ramadan dish…. I think anything that has meat in it. Also, it has to be a juicy dish, so I can dip my bread in it!!

5. When you’re fasting in the day do you think about food?


Nah, not really, there are times where I’m like ” I’m kind of hungry..” But I try to push that feeling away as soon as I have them. It also gets kind of hard after dance practice, because I can’t drink water. It helps that my dance teacher also fasts, so I don’t feel THAT lonely.

Other than that, I don’t really pay attention to it .

6. Besides water and dates what do you break your fast with?


BREAD. I’m a big bread eater and I seriousy eat everything with bread. This year, however I want to try juicing during Ramadan.

7. What do you eat for suhoor?


I was a bit confused at the Suhoor term, when I realized we have a different name for it in Turkish. We call it Sahur. Anyway, my dad usually makes omelets and sandwiches for sahur. We wake up like 30 minutes before we can’t eat anymore.

This year, I want to try staying up the whole night for Sahur. so I might get more minerals and vitamins in my system and not only water and a sandwich.

8. What is your least favourite thing about Ramadan?


My least favourite thing is, when I’m fasting in the Netherlands, Iftar is really late. This year, 22:15 is the latest time. At night, around 20:00 ish, I get cravings. I hate feeling hungry during Ramadan, because it makes me feel quilty. Other than that, I don’t really have a least favourite thing.

Also, people online make a lot of stupid comments about Ramadan. It doesn’t bother me at all, but some people are just plain disrespectful.

9. One thing that makes you happiest at Ramadan?


The fact that I’m trying to become a better person/ muslim. I don’t make much time in my life for my religion. It’s terrible and I feel really bad saying it out loud. During Ramadan, I try to become better.

10. One tip that you can give to people that are fasting?


You are stong and I’m so, so , so proud of you for sticking with this. I know it gets hard sometimes, but you can do this! Never forget to hydrate yourself after Iftar and make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. DO NOT EAT JUNKFOOD BRUH. It’s going to make you even more hungry during the day.

Surround yourself with positive things. Try to sleep if it gets too much. If you have time, ( this is a tip for myself as well) try to do some prayers. I think I will just download an app that can help me.

You are awesome and strong, keep it up!!

Again, I want to thank The Blushin Giraffe for letting me see this tag AND BubbleGumHijab for creating it!

Have an amazing Ramadan you guys!

~Good Vibes Only~


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