Places to Visit in Turkey! Yazilikaya!

Places to Visit in Turkey! Yazilikaya!

In the city of Eskisehir, there is a village filled with historical beauty. In the mountains, you will find the gorgeous ruins of Yazilikaya. 

Next to these ruins, you can find the monument of King Midas. Due to this monument being there, this village is also called ” Midas City.”  Yazilikaya literally means “written stone.” The ruins that are located here are remains from of Central Phrygia. During this period, King Midas used to rule over this part of Turkey.

Around this area, there are many high mountains which you can climb. You have a beautiful view of the Frig Valleys and along the way, you can find more ruins from the Phrygia period.

Yazilikaya also used to be the holy site of the Hittites. They had many Gods they believed in and some of the remaining monuments were believed to be the place they had their spiritual practices.

Yazilikaya is located in the Çorum province and is easily accessible by bus from Eskisehir, Seyitgazi, and Afyon.  In spring, the mountains are painted green by all the trees. Yet, in fall, the mountains give off an orange hue and the view is just stunning.

Turkey has many hidden gems like Yazilikaya that are not well known. A friend of mine who has lived in Eskisehir for years had never even heard of this place! I enjoy going to places that are less known because it holds a certain mysterious vibe around the places. Also, I really don’t like big touristic places. It gets too crowded and I feel like it takes away a bit of the meaning that the place holds. Here, there was nobody but us and nature. We went with the Erasmus Anadolu students and we had a great time together. I can’t wait to show you all the other places we have visited!

Let me know if there are any places you think I should visit in Turkey!

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