New Starter Pokemon Sun & Moon!

New Starter Pokemon Sun & Moon!

Hey lovelies!

Today we’re going to have a very serious talk!

THE NEW SUN & MOON STARTER POKEMON HAVE BEEN REVEALED  (it’s been a week, but whatever)

In this post, I’m going to give you guys my opinion of the pokemon and how I hope their evolutions might be like. I won’t really go into detail about stats and moves, because I have no idea how that works…

My groupmate was getting all hyped, because Pokemon was going to give more information about Pokemon. He had set the time for when it would be released. At 2 PM, we watched the new trailer. Here, it appeared that Sun & Moon was going to be based on Hawaii. Awesome, right! You could pick different skin colors for your character which is awesome! THEN, THE NEW POKEMON WERE REVEALED. And I am not joking when I say we all screamed.



Usually, I don’t like any of the starter Pokemon. I always pick the fire type for obvious reasons, but I never really like the way the starter Pokemon look. Their evolutions are always badass, though. This time however, ALL of the starter Pokemon look awesome. I don’t think that there has been a generation where I liked ALL of the startes.

Let’s talk more in detail about these cuties!



When I first saw Popplio, I was dying from its cuteness. JUST LOOK AT IT? Popplio is the Pokemon that gets the most hate from the 3. I don’t really get why. Its design is awesome and it has so much potential to look badass. It looks so cute and happy, why would you hate on it? ( It’s also a game based for children. so all the fucking grown-ups hating on a Pokemon that is designed for little children, get a fucking life and hate on yourself. Nobody needs your stupid opinion and hate on a God damn Pokemon. Bye. )

I personally, love it. It would 70% be my starter. I just want to wait for the evolution line to come out.


Speaking of evolutions, Popplio is an all water type Pokemon. There is a chance that it might change in its final form. Since his Pokedex entry says he loves to play around and do tricks, there is a huge possibility that it might turn into a water/phsychic pokemon. Popplio also looks a little bit like a clown with that round nose. Mime Jr.  also looks like a clown. What typing is he/she? A phsychic! I get that comparing Popplio only to one clown looking Pokemon doesn’t mean it will also become a Psychic, I’m just saying the chance is there!

What I think it would be cool if Popplio’s final form would be either water/dark or water/ghost. Now, the last one probably won’t happen. But think about it. Clowns can be scary, right? What if Pokemon takes that element of creepyness into consideration? Make Popplio become scarier with each evolution and make his final form super scary. That would be awesome, no?



I screamed when this one came out. This has got to be the cutest little shit ever. LOOK AT ITS BOWTIE AWWW.

It’s a grass/flying type which means it’s going to be badass. Rowlett is also the only one of the three that starts with having 2 types. I think this Pokemon has gotten the most love out of the 3. I mean, I get why, it looks awesome already, imagine what the evolutions will be like. I don’t think we had an owl Pokemon before besides HootHoot and Noctowl. That means we get to see a whole new owl design, which is really cool.


For the evolutions I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay a bird. If you read its Pokedex entry, it says that the darkness of the night is no obstacle for Rowlett. I think that is a hint saying that it might turn into a grass/dark or a dark/flying. Either way, it’s going to look awesome. I think its final form will be  pretty big and powerful.

I’m not sure if (starter) grass will change its typing, but it would be cool if Rowlett became a flying/steel type or a grass/steel type. I’m not basing it on anything, I just think it would look really cool! Like having steel wings and shit, hell ye.



When I saw this one, the first thing that came in mind was: ” This Pokemon has the biggest potential to be fucking badass.”  Just look at it, it looks like an asshole that acts all cute when you look at him, but when you look away, it’s the biggest douche in the world. I love it. The only thing I don’t really like is its eyes, but it doesn’t matter, because he is still badass.

Litten is the fire type Pokemon. I think everybody thinks that Litten will be a fire/dark typing. While I agree with that, A lot of other people also say that it can become a fire/poison which is very cool and I don’t think we have had a Pokemon before that has that combination, so that would be really interesting. I, personally feel like it will be either fire/ground or fire/fighting. I know that we have had fire/fighting before, but the stipes on his legs just remind me of those wrist bands they wear while fighting. ( Look at Hitmonlee.) That’s just a feeling, though. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen.


For his final stage, I really feel Litten will be a saber tooth tiger. I don’t know why, maybe because we don’t have a Pokemon that is based on one ( I don’t know if Raikou is based on a saber tooth tiger) Also, Litten has the potential to look like one or at least some sort of tiger/lion animal.

I’m really curious!

As you might have noticed, my favourite is Popplio. I seriously hate eveybody who hates on Popplio.  Today, I saw a meme about a trainer loving Rowlett and Litten and then a  picture with Popplio where the trainer was throwing him in the trash. Like for real?  Just leave him and his bubbles alone. I don’t have a 3DS, but if I had one, I would sooooo buy this game. I guess I just have to safe money.

What is your favourite starter Pokemon?

Let me know!

~Good Vibes Only~


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  1. I liked the starter pokemons better in the beginning, you’re right about that most people would only love 1 of maybe 2 out of the three. But I feel like pokemon is trying to reach for more girls to buy their games. Because over the past few seasons of pokemon I got the feeling the whole concept of pokemon is changing. Great article btw!

    1. Hi!

      I never really thought about the girl thingy. Now that you mention it, you’re very right about it. The Pokemon, especially the starter Pokemon are starting to look more cute with every generation…
      Thanks for commenting!

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