My Favourite Movies!

My Favourite Movies!

Hey lovelies!

It’s the 24th day of the blog challenge! Today, I will be talking about my favourite movies!

I have to say that I’m not a movie person at all. I do not enjoy watching movies that much.  I have to be in a movie watching mood.  Once I’m in the mood, I can watch 10 movies after one another.

Also, I can’t watch a movie for a second time. I have like 2 exceptions Other than that, I just don’t like watching the same movies. Except when I was younger. You have no idea how many times I watched my Barbie movies over and over again! Now, I just watch a movie once and (most likely) never again.



The movie(s) I enjoyed the most have got to be Free Willy!

When I was 7, this was the movie that made me fall in love with killer whales. I have all of them on dvd and these are the few movies I enjoy watching multiple times! I didn’t like the 3th and 4th movie, though.




The Little Mermaid 2. Return to the Sea

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! I love everything about it. The fact that Ariel is homesick, Melody wanting to become a mermaid, Ariel going back into the sea. This movie is my favourite disney movie ever. I just love everything about it.


Eight Below.

This is a pretty old movie. Paul Walker is the main character ?? It’s about huskies and my family and I love to watch movies about those dogs. We watched Eight Below a lot when I was younger. I remember us being obsessed with Max. It was the husky with the clear blue eyes. (3th dog from the right) Some of the dog were also in the movie ” Snow Dogs.” (Max being one of them.)


I have 3 Barbie movies that I watched A LOT when I was a kid. I had all of the Barbie movies on video. I think my first Barbie dvd was Fairytopia!

Barbie and the Swan Lake

This movie is so awesome. Whenever I’m in a Barbie mood, this one is the first one I will watch.


Barbie Princess and the Pauper

The first Barbie movie where the characters were singing. I watched this one a few monts ago and I still remembered everything!


Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.

I loved this movie. The music was amazing. Because of this Barbie movie and the Swan Lake movie, I wanted to take ballet classes. I never did, though.



I watched this movie a few weeks ago on the premiere date with a friend of mine. It was my first Marvel movie. It’s not one of my favourite movies per se, but I did really enjoy it!

Song of the Sea.

I watched this movie when I was in my movie watching mood. I adored everything about it. It’s about selkies. It was the cutest thing ever. The artwork was adorable and the music was amazing.

Jurassic World.

I’ve never seen the Jurassic Park movies, because I can’t stand old movies, but I really enjoyed Jurassic World. I loved the main characters and the visual effects were done very well!

How to Train Your Dragon.

I loved both of the movies so much. I still have to watch the series and I can’t wait for the 3th movie to come out!



These were all the movies I could think of for now!


Let me know what your favourite movies are!





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