Lucifer 01×12 Recap!

Lucifer 01×12 Recap!

Hey lovelies!

Here we are again with another Lucifer episode to review!

I have been behind on ALL of my series and I finally had (sort of) time to catch up!

Hope you enjoy!

 – Disclaimer! Bloody images are included in this post! –

The episode begins with some weird ass Satanism stuff. The dude is quoting something from a book and there is a girl lying in a pentagram while blindfolded.  The dude then stabs her. Another person with weird ass make-up lifts her up and brings her to a bed. Apparently, she isn’t dead and they were   ( i’m guessing ) role-playing. The guy leaves to do something and then the girl gets stabbed for real.

Wauw, ok?

We then see Maze throwing knives at Lucifer. Probably to test his theory about Chloe making him vulnerable. Chloe, then walks in saying she needs him for a case. Apparently, he has been ignoring her for 3 weeks.  He is really hesitant to go with her, because I think he doesn’t trust her anymore.

Arrived at the crime scene, Luci doesn’t get why Chloe needs him for the case. She explain somebody had carved ” Hail Lucifer” on the back of the victim’s body. Naturally, you would think Luci is involved someway. The victim also had implants in her wrist.  Lucifer seems to be really offended by the act that somebody would kill for him. The team is about to go to the victim’s dad. Lucifer doesn’t want to go together with Chloe.

He is being such an asshole and it’s getting annoying.

While they were talking to the father, they discovered a secret room. It has a scary/satanistic vibe. Chloe finds a book with a name on it.  Detective Douche calls and says he found the person who put the implants in her wrist. Apparently, the victim came with her boyfriend to get them done. The name on the book and the name of the boyfriend appear to be the same.

 Meanwhile, Amenadiel attacks Malcolm, because he hasn’t killed Lucifer yet. Malcolm shows him the coin that Lucifer gave him and tells Amenadiel he knows he can’t kill him, because he is an angel.

Back at the office, Chloe is trying to find out what the implants were suppose to mean. Lucifer is reading a book that is about satan. Chloe just can’t seem to figure it out and calls Luci over to help her. He is stil being distant and it’s annoying the hell out of me. He, of course, knows what the implants mean. Filii Hircus. It means children of the goat ( Children of Satan) They come across a website dedicated to worshipping the devil. Only members know the location of the cult. Chloe found a page where you had to fill in a questionaire or you could fill in a password. She tried the password one by typing Filli Hircus. It was right and so they got the location of the cult.

Lucifer is being a whiny bitch again and decides that he will go alone once again.

Arriving at the scene, it appears the cult is holding a memorial for the victim. They try to summon Lucifer and a person in a goat costume appears. Lucifer was having none of this bullshit and got angry at the people for worshipping the wrong things.

One of the members is leaving to another room. Chloe and Lucifer soon follow behind. It appears it’s the priest of the church. He doesn’t like the cult at all and think some people were too obsessed with Satan. Including the victim. He says the boyfriend got the victim into Satanism.

Chloe points out that the knife the priest was holding looks fairly familiar to the murder weapon. He shows them it’s a fake one, but he does have a replica that is real. Reaching out to the chest where the real knife is in, he realizes that somebody took it.

Chloe and Lucifer are having a little chat while the priest went to look for the contact information of the boyfriend. She tells Lucifer that she understands why he choose to the devil. Lucifer then says something along the lines of ” One angel can hurt another.” He then thinks that Chloe might be an angel and that, that is the reason why she can hurt him. He visits her at home and asks if she can take her shirt off. He wants to look if she has wing scares on her back. She doesn’t have them and he looks rather dissapointed.

I’m really curious about who Chloe might be to Lucifer. I’m so excited to find out.

The next day, the crew goes and looks for the boyfriend. They find him dead, crucified on a cross.

One of the agents calls Chloe to show her something. Boxes that are painted on were forming a word, Morningstar. Detective Douche thinks Luci has something to do with the case and Chloe tells Luci to go home. He gets angry and goes to Linda to rant about Chloe. He explains he isn’t sure if he can still trust her. Linda tells him being vulnerable doesn’t have to be a bad thing. He disagrees strongly, so she suggest he stay away from her. Lucifer doesn’t like that idea at all and tells her that he doesn’t want to stay away from her. ( Her being Chloe)

I loved that scene, because eventhough, he doesn’t trust her 100% anymore, he still doesn’t want to push Chloe away.

Lucifer had ordered Maze to kill Amenadiel. She goes to sleep with him and tells him he is special, because sex with him feels different than all the other people she had sex with (lol, I ship them) When she wakes up, she has her knife ready, but hesitates to actually kill him. He senses it and stops her. He’s really angry at her, because she betrayed him and storms off.

( He’s starting to really annoy me)

 On the way home, Lucifer gets in a fight with the priest we saw in the last episode ( I think.) The priest claims Lucifer is responsible for the murders. Lucifer gets really angry at this, because lately, everybody is blaming him for things he didn’t do. The fight makes it to the local news and a lot of people are starting to think Lucifer had something to do with the murders.

Later on he has a drink with Malcolm and notices the red paint on his fingers- the same paint they found at the crime scene. Malcolm confesses that he was indeed the one who killed both of the victims. He claims he did it for Lucifer and he thought Luci would have been happy with the murders.

The moment Luci wants to fight the bitch, Amenadiel comes through the door looking like an angry child. He is angry that Luci send Maze to seduce him.          ( He’s acting as if he didn’t send Malcolm to kill him.) As always, they get in a fist fight untill an angry Maze comes in and says they both used her and that they should kill each other.


Lucifer is sitting at the bar all alone when Chloe visits him. She asks about what happened to his face. He is in a very vulnerable state, so he kind of opens his heart to her and tells her eveybody has been accusing him of everything when he didn’t do anything. He tells her her he trusts her and that they are using her to hurt him. At that same moment, Chloe tells Lucifer to put his hand in the air. She found the priest lying on the ground, dead, in his club. She officially arrests him and that’s the end of the episode! kakdjafkhdkjlfkfjb


I CANT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS EPISODE. First, we have Luci being a adick to Chloe. I get why he is paranoid. but it’s still very frustrating to look at. Malcolm was actually kind of likeable in this episode untill he decided to kil those people. Don’t get me started on Amenadiel being a little bitch. Get your act together dude, don’t be a whiny bitch. Maza was being a badass like always.

I liked that the problems just kept on adding on and at the end it was like BOOM! You thought it couldn’t get worse, but SIKE! It sure can! I’m looking forward to the finale!!

What are your thoughts? Let me know!

~Good Vibes Only~


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