Is Education Important?

Is Education Important?

Hey lovelies!

So, this weekend I have been one lazy ass girl. I regret not writing anything, because I have to catch it up now. Anyway, today I will be discussing the importance of education!Eveybody has their own views on education. Some people say that the current education system is worthless and other people say that it’s important. I, personally feel that education is one of the most important things in life.

From the moment you turn 4 years old, you go to school. Your parents have might taught you how to talk, school teaches you how to write and read. You learn how to communicate and make decisions. I know that education is a human right, but not everybody in the world has the opportunity to study.



There is a Turkish commercial called ” Baba beni okula gönder.” This means ” Dad, take me to school.” It has a message that all children should have the right to go to school. And I agree with this. This is a world wide problem. Your child should at least have the opportunity to study! I get that not everybody in the world has it that easy to just go to school. I really get that. It makes me really sad, these children have so many talents and it goes to waste, because they’re unable to attend school. It’s heartbreaking. I have no idea how we can prevent this and it’s frustrating.

Now, let’s move on to another problem. I really get why people, especially highschool students, complain about having to go to school. Teaching and inspiring students isn’t important anymore. The only importance in (high) school has become the grades. If you have low grades, you are labeled as stupid. If you have high grades, you are labeled as a genius. The problem is, this is not how humans work. Teachers and society pressures students to do so well in school, that they get depressed. The only thing that should be important to them is school. Time for yourself? No, why should you have time for yourself. School is more important. One low grade? How dare you? You probably didn’t study. I hate how the thing we learnt weren’t seen as important, but how much we remembered was more important. Do you honestly think I remember half of the thing I had to ”learn.”

They don’t understand that grades don’t determine if a person is smart or not. The pressure of a high school student to do well is crazy. I said that education should be a human right, when it’s a human right (education), it turns into an obligation. That’s where the system goes wrong. We are not machines, we are humans. They excpect so much from us and get angry when we explode. Education, especially the high school education has become toxic for the students.


One more thing about highschool, I don’t have a problem with how they teach us per se, but I do feel that some of the things that are being taught aren’t as useful. I am not talking about math or history. Believe it or not, these subjects are important for their own reason.

Almost everything we are being taught is important. BUT, the things we aren’t taught are important too! I’m talking about handeling taxes, providing for yourself, preparing us for college, insurances etc. These might not be real subjects, but these are important things in our lifes. When I graduated high school, my teachers didn’t tell me shit about how it would be after graduation. How college would be like, how I should survive on my own, first aid or getting a job. We get to vote when we turn 18, right? Do you honestly think I know how politics work? I honestly have no clue.


Instead, we just get thrown away after high school and hope we find a way to manage. We don’t have another choice but to manage.

Then they say the parents should teach their children! What if they don’t know either? What if they don’t have parents? You don’t know their situation. We go to school to learn, right?

There is a YouTube song called Don’t Stay in School. It explains my frustration in perfect words!


Did I hate highschool? No, I did not. I actually loved my highschool time! In highschool, you’ll meet people you hate and you’ll meet people you love. You create memories that you won’t ever forget. It’s not the teachers and classes you’ll miss, it’s the walls that hold all your stories. It’s the time and people you’ll miss. It’s those moments when you’re laughing with your friends, because there was a funny picture in your school book that makes school bearable. It’s the funny teacher that makes the class awesome. Yes, the system might suck, but it’s not the teachers fault or the school. No matter how hard and unbearable the pressure might be, the fact that school gave me those small things to remember is something I’m eternally grateful for. It gave me 5 years worth of laughter, tears, frustration and happiness.

I’ll say it again, I think that education is important. It taught me almost everything I know. Without education it would be chaotic. I’m just not sure if the priorities of the system are placed in the right spots. It should be about teaching the students, about preparing them for the world. Not give them 20984 pages to force inside their brains and call them stupid when they fail to do so. Also, the system should pay attention to beyond books and grades. We aren’t machines that function perfectly 24/7. We are human. We make mistakes, we are not perfect. And being perfect all the time is not something that should be expected from us. We breakdown sometimes and to be punished for that is a terrible way of educating us.

I hope that this post made sense…. I don’t really know where I was going with this. I just wanted to talk/rant about this subject!

Let me know how you feel about education!


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  1. I agree with the important life things ! I have no idea how I will manage!!!! Hahaha!

    And sometimes ranting is a good thing in my opinion. It lets out frustrations, lol!

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