Inspirational Pep Talk! Mountain Theory!

Inspirational Pep Talk! Mountain Theory!

Hey lovelies!

Today, our teacher gave us an inspirational pep talk kind of thing and I thought it would be cool to share this with you guys!

It’s been two days since I last posted and it feels weird, since I used to post everyday. I just did not have time to even be on my laptop. It doesn’t feel good to not post and not to interact with people.


Back to my teachers inspirational talk. So, as some of you might know, I’m doing a multi media design study. Our teacher asked us if we ever compared ourselves to the other students. Or if we ever felt we weren’t as good as they were.

We were with 4 students and all of us agreed to what he said. As a matter of fact, I do it a lot. I look at other peoples work and I compare their skills to mine. It’s a vey natural thing to do, especially when you’re doing a design study. The competition is big.

That’s when our teacher came up with what he called – The Mountain Theory-.

Imagine a view with differens sized mountains.

He then drew people on the mountains.  To make it easier I’ll just put dots instead of people.


Each dot represents a person.

The yellow dot represents a highschool student.

The purple dot represents a first year media design student.

The blue one represents me ( in our case the 4 students) and so on.

The higher the mountain, the higher the skills.


Now the theory behind this picture is very interesting. Our teacher said that from your own point of view, you’ll always look up. You’ll only look at the people who are above you, who are higher than you.

Why? Because, that’s the place you want to go to. You want to go higher and be better. You don’t look down, seeing as you’ve already been there. Your goal is not to go back there, so you don’t look down.


burg 2


When we only focus on the people who are above us, we don’t see the people who look up to us! During the time I was a highschooler I would look up to these college students. I always fantasized about how it would be when I was a college student. Once I was in my first year, I completly  forgot about the highschool life and started to want to be in my second year already. This will always go on and on and on.

the moral of this story is that, because you always look up, you don’t see the people who are below you. Those people, in one way or another, look up to you. They want to be as good as you at something. Even if it’s the smallest thing. You are their motivation and inspiration.




At the moment I can’t help but look up to succesfull bloggers. At the time I hadn’t had a blog yet, I looked up to people who took that first step to start one. Once I took that step myself and became one of the people I used to look up to, my goals and motivation changed. This is a everlasting circle that doesn’t stop. You always strive to be better than you are now.

Also, comparing yourself to people doesn’t mean it’s a negative thing. It could be seen as a drive to keep you motivated and keep you challenged.


So, please don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough to do something because other people might be better at it. Other people might also feel like that about you! You are an inspiration for people as well as a motivational drive. Never doubt yourself, you’ll get on the highest top of the mountain someday. Just believe in yourself!


What are you thoughts on his theory? Let me know!

Share it with your friends! Maybe they can use a pep talk!


~Good Vibes Only~




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