Guest Post! Life Lessons I Learned in Rehabilitation: Recovering Addicts Share the Ways Recovery Helped Them Find Clarity and Insight

Guest Post! Life Lessons I Learned in Rehabilitation: Recovering Addicts Share the Ways Recovery Helped Them Find Clarity and Insight

Hey Lovelies! I want to start a series where I interview different people about their lifes and experiences. People that inspire me. Therefore, I started this series by letting someone write a guest post as an opening for this series. The first topic will be about how rehabilitation helped people get back on track with their lifes.  I hope you enjoy this guest post by Constance Ray!

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Addiction treatment is more than just a place to get clean from drugs and alcohol. It’s an opportunity for real, focused introspection: into your addiction, your past, and life in general. The recovering addicts we spoke to told us that beating your addiction isn’t just about acknowledging it exists — it’s about truly understanding it. Here are a few of the important things they said they learned in rehab.

Sometimes, you are your own obstacle

Substance abuse can be a way to numb the pain when someone feels frustrated about where they are and where they’re going in life. Perhaps they feel cheated out of a work opportunity, or are devastated by a recent breakup. But Dean said when he really stopped to think, he realized there was only one person to blame:

“I learned that I was putting up a lot of roadblocks in my life: Things like, ‘I can’t do this,’ ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I’m not smart enough,’” he explained.

It’s probably true for a lot of us — addict or not. But once you overcome it, Dean said, you realize you can tackle anything that comes your way. The sky’s the limit.

“I learned that I can do anything that I really want to do. Nothing is impossible if you keep with it and work hard,” he said. “I’ll do anything to achieve what I want. I want sobriety. In order to achieve sobriety, I need to stay open-minded, have faith and trust myself and let life happen and deal with the obstacles as they arise.”

Addiction can make you forget the beauty of everyday life

Fear of the unknown is a very real thing for many people — especially when the “unknown” is a completely new way of life. Finding sobriety at the Treehouse in Texas helped Brandon see that not only is sober living nothing to fear, it’s even better than he remembered.

“Even though I was only using for 3 years, I forgot how beautiful and special life is,” he confessed. “I was nervous that when I got sober that it wouldn’t be as good. That’s a huge drive of mine.”

And not only was he able to love life again, he was able to gain back the person he wanted to be.

“I’m not drained, my personality is back — the old me is back, and people love me. I don’t want to go back,” he said.

Ryan agreed, noting that he’s uncovered a version of himself he’s now proud to share with the world:

“Treatment for me was about self-discovery and learning to be my best self. It’s always been there, but it was covered up for a long time.”

‘It’s OK to not be OK’

Asking for help isn’t easy. We want to believe we’re in control, that we can handle whatever life throws at us without the help of others. According to John, you can always get to where you want to be — you just have to take that first step.

“No matter where you are at, just get started. Start somewhere,” he implored. “It’s OK to not be OK — just don’t put off getting help. I’ve been there, and I know it’s so easy to want to get everything together, arranged in a certain way before getting help. But you can’t wait — you just have to do it.”

If you’re struggling with substance abuse — or if you now someone who is — take to heart what these brave souls said, and don’t wait to reach out for help. Life will truly progress in a healthier, more positive direction when you do.

Hope you liked the first interview based post on my blog! Let me know what kind of people you would be interested to read more about and I will try to interview them!

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  1. Hello Irem!
    It’s been a while and I am so happy to have a new post from you!!! And what a nice comeback with this idea!

    Congrats Constance Ray! This was lovely to read. It’s always empowering to hear a simple problem that anyone can/may have is possible to overcome!

    I am actually reading a book about the same sort of thing. It is addiction but to the ego. The enlightenment hat many ppl feel once no longer being a substance abuse addict is the same overcoming feeling one with an ego addition can overcome. We all have addictions, it’s just important to know which ones and understand them to overcome them.

    Great post !!!! Thanks guys!

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