Going to Istabul!

Going to Istabul!

Hey lovelies!

Today, I will be leaving for Istanbul!

From today on, in The Netherlands there is a break called the May Holidays. This means that I have a week off from school. My parents decided to plan a vacation to Turkey!

Istanbul is a beautiful city! Most people think that it’s the capitol of Turkey, but it’s not! Ankara is the capitol. I think Istanbul is bigger than Ankara, though. I’m not sure.


We’ll be staying at my cousins place for the week. I can’t wait to show you pictures of the beauty of this city. Istanbul is also a very special place. I think it’s the ONLY city in the WORLD that is located in two different continents! A few years back we were staying at the Asian side of the city, this week we’ll be stating on the European side!

We will be going to a soccer match as well! My family is a very big fan of the soccer team Fenerbahce!

The only down side is the plane flight. I absolutely HATE, DESPISE AND DETEST airports. I hate everyhing about them. We have to be there 2 HOURS BEFORE HAND?? Give me a break. I’m so happy we don’t have to switch planes in between. One time, we had to wait 6 hours to fly for 2 hours. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? NO, IT SURE DOES NOT.

Also, public transportation in general is a pain in the ass. We have to drive to the airport for 4 hours, fly for 3 hours and take a bus for another 3 hours. I hate it. For somebody who can’t stand being in a train for 5 minutes, this is going to be hell.

I’m just going to download hella lot of series and hope I don’t die!

I’m really excited for Istanbul, though omg!

I’ll take a lot of pictures! Look forward to it!


What are some places you would love to visit? Let me know!


~Good Vibes Only~


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