Empire 2×12 Review!

Empire 2×12 Review!

Hey lovelies! I decided to also write reviews for Empire!

I’m a week too late for this episode, I know! I only watched it today. My roommate and I are going to watch the next episode later today!

I wanted to try reviewing this series a little differently than I usually do. I’m experimenting with writing reviews and I still haven’t found a method I enjoy.



Last episode, we finally had the first episode after the mid season finale. Hakeem became CEO, Camilla came back and Rhonda and Andre have lost their son. Lucious gave Hakeem a choise, either Hakeem kills Lucious or Lucious kills Hakeem. Today, we’ll see the continuation of it!

The episode begins with Hakeem having an interview about being the new CEO. He doesn’t show professional behaviour at all. His attitude needs to change if he want to keep his position. His way of talking is fine if he were to talk to close friends, however he is talking to professionals and he doesn’t seem to care. This could work either in a postive way or a very negative way. Also, putting his legs on the table doesn’t scream professional, so he needs to work on his behaviour if he want to avoid falling on his face.



Hakeem anouncing the new logo of Empire was a big statement and looking at Cookie’s face, it was not at all planned! Removing Lucious’ face from the logo means removing him from Empire and that was not what was suppose to happen. I think it’s a very bold, yet smart move on Hakeems part. He shows the world he is serious and not just playing. Hell, even the opening has his face now.

I’m not sure if I like that…


Andre talking about his vision is really scary. It kind of creeped me out. He saw that Rhonda didn’t fall down the stairs on her own, but that somebody else was the reason that it happened. I can’t wait until they find out about Boo Boo Kitty. (I mean, everybody thinks it’s her am I right?)

If there is one thing I hate about series or movies it’s that they use the  – I lost my memory- plot. I hate it so much. It’s very frustrating for the viewers whom know what happend. It’s also not like you can jump into the screen and tell them what happened. So annoying!

Camilla really disgusts me. She is using Mimi to get in Empire and now she gets all possesive over Hakeem. Telling him to get rid of Laura is bullshit. Speaking of Laura, Camille and her had their first meeting! It was very awkward and I felt bad for Laura. She is too innocent for Camille to mess her up. I hope Hakeem drags her down very soon!

– Off topic- Naomi is so freaking beautiful, ugh!

Camilla Empire



I’m really enjoying Tiana’s songs in this season! Last season, I didn’t really like it and I was just like ‘meh,’ but now I’m really impressed!


A guy came up to ask Jamal for a signature. He asked him to sign his flip flops and then proceeded to sing a special song for him with a group of other people. It was about how the gay community kind of lost their trust in Jamal seeing as he was fooling around with Skye. I think this was an eye opener for Jamal.

It was kinda funny tho’


I love Jamal’s songs the most when they have an emotional meaning. After he found out that Lucious was the one telling everybody he slept with Skye, he was furious.  ” Like My Daddy” was such a sick song. The beat fit so well with the whole vibe he was singing with. I got chills.  You could really feel the anger in the song and on his face. It was beautiful!

I’m really enjoying the music in this episode.

So, Rhonda wants to go back to work and Andre convinced her to go and talk to his pastor for counseling. She agreed to go. I’m not trying to offend anybody with this, hell, I’m also religious, but the pastor is totally ignoring the fact that Andre is ill. He’s saying that God can help Andre get better. I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s how it works? It would be awesome if it were that easy, but it isn’t. Andre needs his medicine. We all know what happened when he had a breakdown. Rohda, – assuming she is an Athiest- is very right in this situation and has every right to doubt what the pastor is saying. Andre needs professional help from a DOCTOR. Also, wtf was up with him accusing Rhonda of cheating??¿¿  He’s pissing me off.

Empire FOX music love sad family


Cookie was doubting if Hakeem could snitch on Camilla. Hakeem didn’t like the initial plan and decided to film a sex tape of them doing the nasty. He’s planning to send the sex tape to Mimi, so Camilla could be taken care of. I feel that it was a very smart move, but it was also a dick move. I mean if Laura finds out ( which she obvioulsy won’t , omg) she’s going to be so heart broken. Anyway, I hope their plan will work #TeamHakeem


The plan worked and Mimi decided to drop all her stocks. Andre tells the person on the phone that he created a trust under his son and that he wants to buy it under his name. This leads to him having a little breakdown. He’s having a very hard time dealing with the miscarriage. Cookie, Jamal and Hakeem try to calm him down. They tell him they wrote a song for him and that he should come join them in the studio.

The song they play for him is called ” Good People” and it’s about how bad stuff always happens to the good people. The song gave me chills and tears. No joke. I know people who have been in that situation not long ago, so it hit pretty close to home. It was breathtaking, really. The emotions on their faces were so raw and filled with pain. The scene was amazing.

The final scene mind fucked me very badly. It was really quick and random, actually. Camilla appeared to have killed Mimi. She poisened her and tried to make it look like suicide. That’s when Lucious walked in her house and confronted her. At this point she didn’t know Hakeem was behind sending the sex tape.

Lucious, being the gentleman he is, told her about Hakeem’s plan. He also explained how much her life would suck if she would stay alive. She told him he should shoot her already, but he didn’t think she deserved such a dead. So, he gave her a choice, drink the poison or stay alive and have a shitty life.

She choose to drink from the poison. It actually surprised me that she did.

The last line was said by Lucious –> ”Rot in hell.” So beautiful 🙂

empire camilla takes the poisen 2016 images




This was a very new way for me to write a review and I must say, I really enjoyed writing this way. I’ll have to see if this is the way I want to continue and if the readers like it.

Please let me know how you liked it!

What was your favourite moment in this episode?


~Good Vibes Only~



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