DIY! Own Lipstick Color!

DIY! Own Lipstick Color!

Hey lovelies!

Today, I will be showing how to make your own lipstick color!

Sometimes you need a certain lipstick color and you find out you don’t have it! Don’t worry! You can easily make your own. In this post I’m going to show you how to do it.


First, you’ll need:

  •  A (clear) lipbalm.

lipaiod          lklklklklk


  • 2 (cheap) Eyeshadow. The brand I used is called The Color Workshop.



  •  2 spoons.



First, with the back of the spoon, you’ll need to scrape some of the lipbalm and place it in the other  spoon.

jbkkjhk        opopo


Next, you scrape some of the eyeshadow with the back of the spoon and put it together with the lipblam.

jkjkjkjkjkj          nknknknk

Blend away!!

Please be careful, it gets very messy while you’re blending the mixture! It will look a little like the picture below.



Now it’s time to put it on! On the left you see me without anything on my lips and on the right I wear the pink lipbalm mixture.

ojoijloijolij         kjkjkjkj


As you can see, the mixture gives your lips a little bit of color. You can try this with any color you like.

TIP! You can add some eyeshadow on your lips to make it look more matte! TIP!



You can use this technique to make your own highlighter as well. 

I used an eyeshadow color that was similiar to my skin tone. Then, you blend it with the lipbalm and apply it to wherever you want your highlighter. I decided to go for a softer look, so I didn’t apply as much. However, there are people who prefer a more dramatic highlighter look. You just have to apply more untill it looks good to you.

oioyuiyug       kllklklk

Blend away!

lklklklklklklklklklk        hkugtfdrdyhj

You might not be able to see it because of the lighting, but please try it out! It might come in    handy when you’re out of highlighter!


I hope you enjoyed!


~Good Vibes Only~






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