How I Gave Myself a Confidence Boost In 1 Day!

How I Gave Myself a Confidence Boost In 1 Day!


Hey lovelies!
Today, I wanted to be inspirational and talk about the confidence boost I gave myself! Hopefully it will help you on your journey to happiness.

A few years back I wasn’t really depressed or anything, but I was also not confident about myself AT ALL! I didn’t really have any good things to say about myself. I didn’t hate myself, I just didn’t think I was anything special and I just didn’t really like myself. 

I also had a pretty low self esteem thingy going on. I always thought people were bad mouthing me behind my back. I would care so much anout what people though of me. So, instead of being myself I just let people walk over me. 

When I think back, I really want to give my younger self a slap in the face. I’m seriously embarressed about how I used to be. 



How did I change that?

 One day I was just sick of myself. I didn’t understand why I thought about myself that way. It wasn’t anybody’s  fault that I was like that. I felt like I was waiting for somebody to change me or something. Waiting for somebody to make me feel better. 

That was when I realized, that I sounded really pathetic. I was blaming other people for feeling like shit. It wasn’t their fault and it was also not them who made me feel like that. It was me.

I was the person who felt like that, so I was going to be the person to stop feeling like that.

I thought ” It’s called self esteem. I was the one who broke myself down and I was going to be the one who was going to build me back up. ”


That’s when I hit a milestone. – I was going to change, I was going to be better. Not because of other people, but because of me. I wasn’t going to wait until other people were going to make me feel better, because that wouldn’t happen. I was going to make me feel better. 

The day I decided to change, my friend came up to me and she said that there was something different about me. I was confused. I didn’t do anything. Was it a bad thing?  She told me that it wasn’t bad. I looked carefree she said. 

That’s when I realized another thing: Just thinking positively can make a huge difference. 

In one day I just stopped caring about other people. It’s like I turned a switch and my life became instantly better. It’s weird, right? Getting better in just one day. I told myself I was done. Done caring about other people’s opinions, done caring about other people in general. And I never felt that great. 


My best friend, to this day still thinks it’s weird that I changed so much in such a short period. She said that one day I looked so down and insecure and the next day I was like a complete different person. Just like that. 

I felt as if a whole new world opened up for me. I was genuinely happy! That was also the time ~Good Vibes Only~ became my thing.

From that moment on, I was going to surround myself with positive shit and positive people. Until this day, I have never fallen back to the girl I used to be. 


My best friend was also a person who helped me through this change. In my third year of highschool she just encouraged me so much to be myself and stop giving a fuck about people. She was a huge factor in my life that helped me get through. 

Also, this might sound weird, but YouTube also helped me a lot! Especially Youtuber Ozzy De BordelliIn almost all of his videos he would say to just give no flying fucks about anybody. ” I wipe my own ass now you wipe yours.” Is what he always says. This dude helped me so, so much! 


So, in the end I feel like the only way to become happy is to accept who you are and fuck the rest of the world. That’s how I got where I was. It won’t be easy. And I’m aware that this won’t work for anybody, but I just want you guys to know that no matter the situation, you always have the capability to make yourself happy. You know yourself better than anybody. Listen to what your head wants, listen to what your heart wants. Don’t listen to unimportant people. Listen to yourself and find peace with it. It’s not easy, I know, it never is. But you have time, take it slow, ask people for help. Do everything you can to make yourself happy. 


My roommate would always say, no matter what, you are the most important person in your own world. Take care of yourself ❤️

I hope this post gave you some encouragement to take one more step to happiness!


~Good Vibes Only~



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