College Survival 101 series!

College Survival 101 series!

Hey lovelies!

I decided to do a college survival series! Each post will give you a few tips to make college a little easier for you!

There are a few things I would have loved to know before I went to college.  It would have saved me a lot of time and effort. I hope this list will help you get through your college fears!


The first thing everybody probably tells you is to not be nervous, because all of the people you’ll meet will be nervous as well.

This is very true. I rolled my eyes at this at first, but when I arrived at school I realized that it was indeed true. Almost everybody is new to college and doesn’t know what’s going on. Being nervous is very normal. Being nervous doesn’t have to be bad though! You’re starting a new chapter of your life. Be nervous all you want! It’s exciting!


This might sound obvious, but choose a study that you love. I mean I get that it’s important to have a study with a lot of job opportunities, but if you don’t like the study you are doing, you’ll hate going to school. That is not something you want.


Teacher are very different in college! Teachers don’t give a fuck about how you’re doing in class. If you fail it’s YOUR problem. If you don’t come to class it’s YOUR problem. The teachers won’t get on your ass. Be prepared for that. The responsibility you have as a student become so much more. It can be overwhelming at the beginning. Don’t worry though! You have classmates! There will be people who will be glad to help you out. Usually, you get a senior ”buddy” in your first year. Use this person! They are there to help you out! Also, ask teachers. They usually won’t help you out untill you ask them! My whole study is based on teachers sitting there not helping us out untill we go to them for help.


If there are college/campus tours, ATTEND THEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Knowing your way around your campus gives you so much advantage. I sometimes still have a hard time finding classrooms.

IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE, DO NOT TAKE MORNING CLASSES. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. DON’T DO IT! It’s a bad idea. You’ll be so tired to even pay attention.

This might also sound very obvious, but go to your fucking classes. I didn’t really go to all my lectures and you just miss out on a lot of information. Also, when you’re doing a study you like, you probably won’t skip classes. Taking notes is also very important. It’s going to help you so much with your exams if you just take the God damn notes.

If the teacher offers you extra credits, don’t be an idiot and dismiss it. If it can save your ass later on you better work on that extra assignment. I used to do the extra credits all the time and those extra points were the reason I passed. Don’t take it for granted.

Don’t force yourself to party if you don’t like it. Nobody cares if you party and drink or not. College people are cool like that. They don’t really judge. If you’re nice, they’re nice. If you’re a dick, they’ll be a dick to you as well. It’s that simple. So, if anything makes you uncomfortable please don’t do it. Just be you.

Also, popularity isn’t really a thing. Nobody cares about the fact you were popular in high school. As a matter of fact, they’ll probaly be like ” wtf is wrong with thi person?”

If you live in dorms, it’s smart to get a checklist to make sure you have everything. I prepared one for you guys! You can download it below. Just cross the things out that you have and you’re ready for your dorm life!

Dorm Check list! <– Download link!




This was it for the first episode of the college survival series!

I hope this can help your college life a bit easier!


~Good Vibes Only~







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