College Survival 101 – pt 3!

College Survival 101 – pt 3!

Hey lovelies!

Part 3 of the college survival series is here!

I was suppose to post this on Friday, but we were on a school trip and I totally forgot to schedule any posts!  Therefore, I’m posting it today!


This will be part 3 of the college survival series! Check out College Survival 101 & College survival 101 part 2 for more tips!


All nighters

All nighters are things we are very familiar with. I used to do it in highschool a lot. this is actually really bad for your health. You need your rest to function properly. Please try to avoid having all nighters as much as you can. You’ll get very stressed and it won’t make your learning condition any better.

Instead, you could schedule your study sessions ahead of time. The moment you know when your test will be, (or maybe even before)  you should plan out the times you want to study for it. It might be hard to plan ahead and keep to it, but it will pay off so much. Even if it’s a week before the test, it’s always better than studying everything the night before!

You should also split your homework into smaller parts. Instead of studying 5 hours straight in one day, you could study for an hour and a half in 3 days. 




If you don’t need your phone or laptop while studying, put that shit away from you. It’s going to distract you. It’s even better if you just turn them off as well. If you do need your laptop, apps like StayFocused can help you block distracting sites for a while. 

And the most obvious and hardest one, stop procrasting! This is really hard, but it’s still the best solution to stop you from having an all nighter! 

What you could do instead of putting an all nighter is waking up earlier. Our brains work better in the early mornings. Waking up at 3 AM and study is way more effective than working all night and getting no sleep!


The best way to make friends (who share the same interests) and network is by attending after school activities. Maybe you love music? Look for a music group club. You love art? Maybe there is an art club in your college. Get involved with these people. It’s also easier to make friends, because you share a passion with these people. 


BUDGET YOUR SHIT. Money is such an important thing for a college student, because we don’t have any god damn money. I suck at managing mine. I spend so much on bullshit stuff I dont even need. At the end of the month I always wonder where my fucking money went. Do yourself a favor and budget your money. Make sure you know how much you should and can spend. It will make your life so much easier. 




I have a serious money spending issue and I think I’m going to seek professional help for it, because it’s really bad. I spend like 200 euros in 3 days and I have no idea where it went…..


Invest your money in a good working laptop. Honestly, you don’t want to buy a laptop that won’t work well after a year. Do your research and get a good working one. For designers a Mac Book is really good. If you are a game designer however, it’s better to work with a Windows computer. 

Look at what your needs are for your study and buy accordingly!


Try to help others. It sounds a bit weird, I know, but this is very important. There will be people around who are going to need your help. Doesn’t matter for what. Give them your time and help them out if you can. They will appreciate it so much and they will most likely give back whenever you need their help. 

It’s also another way to connect and network with people!


Do your best on your studies. This is an obvious one, but it will suprise you how many people take college for granted. College isn’t cheap and you not doing shit to get good grades is such a big waste. Take advantage of your situation and study like a beast and get them good grades like the bad bitch you are!



But don’t ever beat yourself up if you didn’t get a good grade. If you tried your best, that’s all that counts. You’re not perfect, your human and sometimes life just likes to mess with you.

Try again and ask your teacher if there is anything you can do to get a higher grade. They are always happy to help a hard working student out!


So far for this edition of the college survival 101 series!

I hope these tips can help you guys out!

Let me know what you think!


~Good Vibes Only~


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  1. I totally agree with all of this. It’s crazy how ppl tell us this and we don’t listen… But when we are in the situation, it’s like, OMG, they were all right, lol!

    Thanks for the advise!

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