College Survival 101 – pt 2!

College Survival 101 – pt 2!

Hey lovelies!

It’s Friday, that means another college survival 101 post!

I’m not sure how long I want to make this series, but I enjoy writing about this, so I think there will be a few more parts. Look forward to it!


The best advice anybody can give you anywhere is to be yourself. College is no different. You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not. I think that’s really great about college. People don’t really give a fuck as long as you are yourself. Don’t go acting like you’re somebody else, they see right through you and won’t bother talking to you. College students are simple, as long as you are yourself you’ll get along with anybody just fine.




Networking is very important in college. It’s not an easy thing to do. Sometimes I struggle with this as well. The most easy way to network is just to talk to your classmates. Tell them what you’re looking for and maybe there is somebody who has contact info of somebody you need. My roommate taught me to ALWAYS ask for a persons contact info no matter who they are. You might need them later in life. LinkedIn can really help with this as well. 

Teachers are also your best friend when it’s about networking. They probably know a lot of people who can help you out. You just have to ask!


If your study has something like a Study Start Week or an Intro Week or some sort of introduction for your study, you have to go! It will help you so much with your study. It will give you the opportunity to get to know the school, study and your teachers. It also gives you the chance to get to know other students. Great way to make friends and have fun! These introweeks are there to help you and make you feel comfortable!

This was a personal experience, but I hear this story from a lot of other people too. The first few friends you make in college (probably) won’t be the people you hang out with later. I’m not saying this is written in stone and you can’t be friends with the people you first became friends with! I’m saying that the possibility that you make new friends and find a new friend group later on is more likely to happen. I would have loved to still be friends with the people I hung out with at first. Don’t get discouraged though. I’m happy they were there at the time, now I just have other friends that I hang out with. 


Made by Ben Duchah

This is a very important tip! Please watch out for the Freshman 15. This means that freshman in college gain 15 pounds, because they eat a lot from the cantine or just don’t eat healthily. As a college student you just can’t afford to buy expensive shit and we all know how much money can go to groceries. College students tend to buy junkfood, because it’s just cheaper. 


  • Since you’re a student you probably get a discount at the gym. Maybe your college has its own gym. Make use of this. Go with a friend or take group lessons to make it more fun!
  • Don’t drink too much sugary drinks. Drink more water instead
  • Get coupons for grocery stores and always look at the bottom rows when doing groceries. The cheapest items are most likely at the bottom. 
  • Do your finances. It’s not bad to spend more money on food if it means you’re going to eat healthy. 
  • Cook your own meals instead of take out. You can also stock meals. For example plan your cooking ahead and put it in tupperware, so it doesn’t turn bad. 


If you live in a dorm or a studenthouse, it’s important to get along with your roommate(s) You don’t have to become best friends, but getting along with each other can blossom in a strong friendship later on. It also makes living with them a lot more easier and fun. If you happen to not get along with your roommate(s) it might be an idea to make rules with each other, so there is atleast an amount of respect within the house. (did that make sense?) I think it’s a good idea to set rules in general when you live with rommates.


Buy a planner or use the one on your phone/laptop. It’s important that you remember important dates such as deadlines. Seriously, get one. It will make your life so much easlier.  




These were a few tips to help you along the way! This post is part of the college survival 101 series. You can find the first part here! In last week’s post I also included a dormroom checklist, so make sure to check it out. (lmao, get it? Checklist, check it out, eeyyy)

Let me know what kind of tips you would like to read about!


~Good Vibes Only~




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