Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 4! Religion

Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 4! Religion

Hey lovelies!


The fourth day of the blog challenge is here already. Today’s topic will be about religion!


Let me tell you beforehand,  I do not like discussing religion on the internet. I’ll try to keep it short.


I don’t like talking about religion on social media or internet in general. I feel that religion is a very personal thing and people have very strong opinions about it. Therefore, I don’t like it when it’s being mentioned on the internet. It makes me feel as people are trying to prove to other people that they are a good muslim (in my this case.) I feel that religion should come from within a person and other people don’t have to know about it.



I was born and raised a muslim. It’s what I was brought up as and that’s who I am. My parents and family are in no way extremists or anything. They pray, go to the mosque and we all fast.  It’s just that we are a bit more free with the rules.


However, my parents are way more serious about it than I am. When I was little, I did go a mosque, but I never stayed for long. I couldn’t memorize the prayers, I didn’t relate to the things that were taught.  I just feel that if you’re a good peson at heart, you should be fine.

I would never quit being a muslim, because it’s something that has been with me for my whole life. It’s also a religion where I feel home and save. Lately, I started getting more into it and started learning more things about it, because I think I feel like I’m old enough to undestand what religion is and why it is done. I want to start getting involved with my religion more and it makes me happy that I do, because I always felt my parents were dissapointed in me that I didn’t show interest. One more thing, I don’t agree with all of the rules that are a part of our religion. There are rules I find absolutely unnecessary. I can’t remember from the top of my head, but I know that there are a few things that make me go wtf sometimes.

One religion is as true as another Picture Quote #1


I still believe that the key in being a good person is having a good heart.


I can’t stand it when people post stuff on Facebook like ” Like this if you love Allah” or ” Like this picture of Mekka, do this prayer and your sins will be forgiven.”

I feel that if you want to be a good muslim (in this case) you should know it in your private life. You don’t have to tell other people what to do and how great of a muslim you are. There is only one person that decides that. Also there are posts that have the words Allah in them. For us, these words are sacred. So I don’t know why people would post them on social media. I think it’s very disrespectful.

Another thing, there are advice groups on Facebook where people ask and give advice. Uhm, excuse me, why are you asking this on Faceboo? These people are in no way professionals. Why are you not going to a real Imam or a mosque to ask? It just pisses me of so much. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

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Also about there being a God, I do believe He exists (obviously.) Or at least that there is somebody there. I guess it gives people hope and security. There are people who don’t believe and I respect that. I have no right to judge people on their beliefs.


It got a bit longer than I wanted, since I really don’t like talking about this topic on the internet, so I tried to keep it as general as possible. I feel as if it kind of looks like a mess, but I like how it turned out. I hope you have a bit more insight about my religion views!

Finally, I just wanted to say that all people of all religions/beliefs and the people who don’t believe, should be respected. We have no right to judge and hate one another. I thought it was important to point this out, since religion can be a very sensitive topic.




~Good Vibes Only~


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