Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 14! Earliest Memories

Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 14! Earliest Memories

Hey lovelies!

Today I’l go down in memory lane and talk about my earliest memories!

Let me just say that I barely remember the time I lived in Turkey. I just have one thing I remember very clearly.

My uncle in Turkey used to own a cafe. It was huge. Inside, you had a big aquarium where my mom threw my soother in, so I would stop using it. Outside, there were 2 playgrounds. One was a normal one with slides and glides. The other one was a huge ass boat. -The cafe was named after it.- You could climb to the top with the ladder. Once you were on top, you had another playground.

I wasn’t allowed to go alone, because it was dangerous. My cousins always had to come with me. I remember that my cousins had to help around in the cafe. I would sit on the counter and just look at them work.




That cafe is actually the most vivid thing I remember. I have more vivid memories in the Netherlands.

I remember that we didn’t have a house when we came here. We had to live with my grandparents. I remember having this beautiful bed. You know those beds with a ladder and beneath it you’d have space for a couch? That was the kind of bed I had. I don’t really remember how it was living in that house though.

Another memory I have is something I’ll probably never forget.

I used to go to a special school, because I couldn’t speak Dutch. I really loved my teacher. I remember her being a really nice woman.

One time, we had to dance in front of the class. I refused to do that, so the teacher put me on time-out. I remember crying my eyes out. She didn’t care that I cried. She said I had to dance or else I wasn’t allowed to leave my time-out spot. So, I agreed and I danced along. I remember her lifting me up and yelling “I knew you could do it!” She was really proud. That made me very happy.


I also remember having 3 really good friends. One of them was a Chinese girl who was the new kid. The only thing I remember is that she was very girly! We have a lot of pictures together. I wonder how she’s doing. The other one was a Iranian boy. We got along very well, but sometimes we would fight pretty bad.

We had a hairdresser theme in our class, so we were allowed to do each others hair. This bitch thought it was funny to put his whole hand in the gel bottle and put it in my hair. I just remember that we were screaming at each other a lot.

Another time we had a school theme. We had to pretend to be the teacher and I remember him saying that he would never want me as a teacher. I got so upset over that hahah!

The other friend was a girl from Iraq. We would always switch our coats during the break. We would always run to each other screaming each others names. I think I was the closest with her.

Fun Fact: Last year, my best friend had a graduation party. She named a few people who were coming and one of the names was really familiar. I looked the name up on Facebook and it happened to be the girl fom Iraq!! So when she came to the party I asked her if she remembered going to that school, and she did! We had a lot of catching up to do. It was really fun!

So these were my earliest memories in Turkey and in the Netherlands!

Do you remember your earliest memory?


~Good Vibes Only~


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