Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 12! Places I’d like to visit.

Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 12! Places I’d like to visit.

Hey lovelies!

Another day, another challenge! Today I will bring you guys to the places I’d like to visit/move to!

Honestly I don’t have that many places that I want to visit. Not because I’m not interested, but because I never really think about those things. Also, I hate going to places where I don’t speak/understand the language. It makes me feel as if I am not enjoying al the riches a country offers.

We went to Spain for a school trip a couple of years ago. I loved the city and all that, but it felt as if I couldn’t enjoy it to the max, because I didn’t understand what the locals were saying. I feel that understanding the language is so important to fully embrace and enjoy a country. But that is just me of course!

Now there are 3 places I would love to move to/live for a while!


  1. Seattle.

People close to me will know how much I want to visit/live in Seattle. I don’t know when the fascination for the town started, but I feel so drawn to it. So, when I looked stuff up about the city, I came across a phenomenon called the ” Seattle Freeze.” ┬áThe Seattle freeze means that the local people in Seattle are kind of cold to people who move to Seattle. I was really scared of this. Then a thought came up. Isn’t something like this suppose to come from both sides? You can’t just expect people to open up to you. You need to make an effort as well. You need to adjust yourself to their culture/lifestyle to fit in, right? So, I’m a little less scared of going to Seattle.

Another reason why I would love to move to Seattle is the weather. I absolutely HATE hot weather. I love places where it’s cold and where it rains, because that means sweater weather 24/7 and I’m all in for that.

The final reason as to why I want to move to Seattle is…… THE WILD KILLER WHALES. Now I am aware that the chance of actually seeing one is small, but a girl can dream, right? I don’t want to visit places like Sea World, because it makes me sad. That’s why I want to see a killer whale in the wild. I know other places in the world give me more guarantees to actually see one, but I just really like Seattle! Let’s not forget Jay Park is from Seattle









2. Istanbul

So, even though I’m from Turkey, I have only been to Istanbul once. This May I will be going again. Istanbul is a city where I would like to live in for my study. It has tons of universities and students. Also, the culture clash between Asia and Europe is something that really interests me. Just the scenery in the city is mind blowing. The city is so alive, it’s crazy.

Just like Amsterdam, Istanbul is full with people with different nationalities. Engaging with people with different cultures makes you grow so much as a person! Let’s not forget the Turkish food please. It’s delicious. You won’t even need to cook your own dinner. Just eat outside. It’s so cheap! Istanbuls history is so amazing. I can’t get enough of it. Because it’s a part of my own culture, I just can’t help but get drawn to the history this city has to offer.

UHM, TRADITIONAL SHISHA CAFE’S??? SIGN ME UP! Again, the street food is amazing. I can’t stress this enough. Homemade ayran. Yes please. We can’t forget the bridge that connects the Asian side with the Europian side, Bosporus!

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW AMAZING SHOPPING IS IN ISTANBUL?? And just being in my own country with people who have the same culture is just something I want to experience longer than 3 weeks during summer break ya know? I just really want to live there!

There is beauty literally everywhere...



The city is broken up into magical lands.



No matter what street you're on, you'll find something special.



3. Seoul

I don’t necessarily want to live there for a long period of time, but like Istanbul, I’d like to live there for school. What I mean with live there for school is that I would like to do a minor over there. (Study abroad)

Why Seoul? Like some of you might know, I am doing a design/entertainment study. I also listen to K-pop. What does that have to do with anything? Well, listening to K-pop has made me realize how different the entertainment industry in Asia is compared to western countries. Learning and studiying their industry can teach me so much about promoting, marketing, behind the scenes, music and TV. It’s not at all for the Kpop that I became interested. Because the other reason why I want to study/visit there is because Turkey and South-Korea apparently see each other as brother countries.

I am very curious as to why and what kind of country it is. I’m really into learning about other peoples cultures as well. Turkish culture and Korean culture are a bit similar. There are some cultural aspects in Korean culture that I recognize in my own. Taking your shoes off when entering a house, showing respect for eldery people ( by bowing) and bringing gifts when visiting people. So naturally I became intersted in a culture that’s so similar to mine.

Another thing I found out recently, Turkish and Korean are originated from the same alphabet, Altaic. I always thought the grammar was really similiar!

I am doing a home study Korean. Like I said before, I hate going to a country where I don’t speak the language. Knowing that their language and culture is extremely important to South-Koreans, the least thing I can do is respect that and learn/study their language and culture. You can never learn enough in your live, so I’m excited to learn and understand a new culture!

Seoul Night



Korean BBQ



Seoul Streets




It became such a long post I hope you enjoyed! Let me know where you would like to visit!


~Good Vibes Only~




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