Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 9! Childhood Toys

Challenge! Blog Challenge Day 9! Childhood Toys

Hey lovelies!

Today’s topic will be about my favourite childhood toys!

I switched today’s topic with day 7, because I didn’t have the pictures yet.

When I was little, I had a lot of toys. I had like 200 Barbie dolls, (not a joke. I’m serious, I counted them) Diddle, Pokemon cards, Click It! and a lot of stuffed animals. I couldn’t complain about not having enough toys!


There are a few toys that hold a special place in my heart though.


When my mom and I moved to the Netherlands when I was 6 year old, my dad stayed in Turkey. He had some business to take care of, so he would come 6 months later.

So, when he came back he had a gift for me. It was a huge bear with pretty colors.


I was so in love with it. I still am. It’s in my brothers room for some stupid reason and he keeps on saying that the bear is his since it’s in his room.

Uhm, no? It’s still mine. I feel like slapping him whenever he says that. ( I would never for real slap my brother, please don’t take that seriously )


Next, there are 2 toys that I got when I was born. One is a white bear and the other one is a blue rabbit. Although I couldn’t find the blue rabbit, it’s a very funny stuffed animal. You had to open its ass and smell it. It had a fragrance that was suppose to calm babies down or something. It’s really funny. I wish I knew where it was.


I do have a picture of the white bear. It’s also a stuffed animal. ( I had another 50982039 stuffed animals) My other grandmother gave that one to me. I have baby pictures where I’m playing with this toy. ┬áIt makes me realize how long I have some of my toys.


This one is also in my brothers room and he gets angry when I tell him it’s mine. And then my mom backs me up and she’s like ” Uhm, your sister got that when she was a baby that bear is older than you are, don’t get ahead of yourself.” And I love the look on his face. Pure dissapointment. Love it.


I also had a Furby that I used to play a lot with. You could make it sing and play games with it. Also, the more you played with it, the more he started speaking Dutch. And you had this book where you could learn to speak his language. I loved it. Now that I’m older, he just creeps me out.


I’m kind of dissapointed in the Furby’s they make nowadays. The eyes are digital? You have to install an app to play with it? Why? The Furby was fine like this, why would you make it uglier?


Next to my Barbie dolls, I had a lot of Polly Pocket shit as well. I loved it! I had all of her movies and I collected almost all of her houses/outfits. My mom hated it, because it was so small and I would lose a lot of the items.



I have a lot more of my childhood toys here in my parents’ house. I just don’t know where they are. I hope I gave you a bit of childhood nostalgia!


What were your childhood toys?


~Good Vibes Only~





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