Book Event, Subway and a Phone Flavoured Ice Cream!

Book Event, Subway and a Phone Flavoured Ice Cream!

Hey lovelies!

Today, I went to a book event with my project group and honestly, I think  heaven would look like this. There were just SO MANY BOOKS!

So, this event is called ” Boeken Festijn.” This literally means book feast. And believe me when I say that it was a big ass feast. The event took place in the world trade centre building. It’s on of the biggest in The Netherlands, so you can image how huge the place was.


De hal gaat om tien uur open

Foto: Boekenfestijn

They sell books for really cheap! I bought 6 books for only €20,- !

We arrived there at around 10:30 ish and we left at around 13:00 I think. There were A LOT of books. We weren’t really digging the Dutch books, so we went to the English section right away.

I wanted to buy books for my brother so, I spend a long time searching for books he would like.

When I finally founds something for him, I could look for myself!


We seriously didn’t have enough eyes to look at all the books. They were everywhere! I really liked how they categorized it, so you didn’t look like a lost chicken. The annoying thing was that they didn’t put books that were from the same series next to each other.

Next to regular books they also had manga books!

okokokokoko      okokokl

Too bad that it was all in Dutch. Dutch translation is really cringeworthy.

Next to books there were also posters, office supplies and toys.




I didn’t buy it though. Wtf do I look like paying €7,- for a plastic thing. I was dissapointed that there weren’t any mermaid books though.

I ended up buying 6 books in total. 2 For my brother and 4 for me!

I will make a book haul post later today. Look forward to it!



After we were done buying books we decided to go to Subway to have lunch. I adore Subway. It’s delicious. I got to pissed off thouh! There was a huge table that was free and our group decided to sit at a small table. So, I told them to move to the big table. THEY WERE TOO LAZY TO WALK 5 STEPS AGHH.

Some of the people didn’t like to eat at the Subway, so after that we went to the McDonalds. We also got our dessert there. I don’t know how it happened, but I managed to drop my phone in my McFlurry. It happened so fast I was so in shock. I can’t believe I legit dropped my phone in my ice cream. I have a feeling they won’t let me live it down….

When everybody was done having luch we were all so tired. We had been walking the whole day. I hate walking,

When I arrived home I felt so tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn’t do that of course! I had to write this post before I forgot.


For the rest of the day I’m going to watch series!


How did your day go?


~Good Vibes Only~







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