About Irem

About Irem

Hello lovelies!

Media design student, travel maniac and full of ideas, Irem is at your service!

Traveling was always something that was part of my life. Since I was born I had been traveling with my family, so it was never something life-changing for me. Until the day I went to travel on my own to visit a friend in South-Korea. During my time there it felt like a whole new world opened for me and I regretted every moment I didn’t appreciate the place we call Earth. Traveling has made me realize how amazing our planet is and just how much beauty this world has to offer us.

That’s how Halcyon was born. Halcyon means ” denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.”

I chose Halcyon because I believe that no matter what hardships you come across in your life, happy times will always shine brighter through the hard times. With Halcyon I want to show people that traveling is much more than visiting places, that it can give you life-changing experiences. That it gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people from around the world. That traveling can introduce you to cultures and that it makes you rediscover yourself. With Halcyon, I want to show people how happy traveling makes me. How much it teaches and how it shows that you only have one life, so why not enjoy it?

I hope by creating this blog I can give my readers a little bit of happiness with each post.


~Good vibes only~



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