7 topics, 7 Days | Inspiring People

7 topics, 7 Days | Inspiring People

Hey lovelies!,

Today we’re going to be all inspirational and shit and talk about people who inspire ME! 🙂

So, I was SUPPOSE to upload this post yesterday, but my computer crashed and. I. didn’t. save. it. I was too pissed off to write it again, so I’ll be behind one day!


When I think of inspiring people, I don’t really think of celebrities or anything. I think of people close to me.

The first person who comes to mind is my mom!

mum 4

My mom has always been an inspiration to me, because she is such a strong woman. She can handle her shit and never break down. She’s independent and doesn’t take shit from anybody! I want to be like that!

mum 2

My mom has been through a lot of shit. Even when she was younger, she had to take care of her brothers and parents, because my grandparents were sick. She was forced to grow up too soon when she was a child. She got married at 18 and got me whe she was 21. I can’t imagine how scary and difficult that must have been at such a young age.

mum 3

My dad was a professional soccer player, so he was’t home a lot. I think that drained her emotionally as well. I’m just really grateful they sacrificed so much for my brother and I. I just really want to repay them by making them proud. I want their sacrifices to mean something to them and I want them to think that we made them proud to be our parents. I want them to be happy more than anything!

mum dud

The next person is also a very special one!

My roommate!

I moved out when I was 17 years old. I thought I had it all together. Man, I was so wrong. I didn’t know shit about the ”adult” world. Yes, sure, I knew how to clean, wash my clothes, iron shit and I could cook very basic things. It was the actual taking care of myself that was my issue


My roommate taught me how to live confidently on my own. She always encouraged me to do all kinds of things and she never judged me. Just helped me grow and learn. I am forever grateful to her for that. She inspired me to be a better person and to be stronger.

We also tried our best to make our home a family. We always talked about anything for hours. She made me feel at home in a place that was hard for me to live in. She made me feel comfortable here. She made me love the home we created together!

If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure if I could live this confidently on my own!

Yesterday I had a Skype call with her. Afterwards, I felt a little bit sad, the house suddenly felt really empty without her. Good thing I’m going to see her this summer!!

Last, but not least! My classmates and friends inspire me!

As some of you might know, I’m doing a design study. This means I’m surrounded with – 1. weird ass people and- 2, creative af people. Seriously, everybody has sunch unique opinions and ways of thinking! It’s amazing how differently people can think about 1 topic.

In our study we get the opportunity to be whomever we want. You’re not entitled to do anything. We don’t have lectures or schoolbooks. Our teachers don’t give classes. We teach ourselves what we want.

You wanna be a writer? Sure! You want to become a producer? Awesome! Want to become a photographer? Cool!

You decide what you want to learn and you build yourself to be the person you want to be. Basically we teach ourselves the skills to be the professional we want to become!

I think this is it for as far as inpiring people in my life goes. I don’t have many, but the people who do inspire me, go deep. That’s why I’m happy that they are people close to me, so they can always help me when I’m stuck!

Who are the people that inspire you! Let me know, I would love to hear it!

~Good Vibes Only~


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2 Replies to “7 topics, 7 Days | Inspiring People”

  1. I’m like crying after reading this, lol!
    Surrounding yourself by loving, caring, happy, and supportive people are so important.

    I’m sure that your mom and roommate are so proud of you with everything that you do and your friends support you to the fullest!

    It’s too bad that we didn’t see a picture of your roommate and friends!
    Maybe a suggestion for next time 🙂

    1. Hi! It was a pretty emotional post to write hahaha. I wasn’t sure if they wanted their face online and on my blog, so I didn’t include their pictures.
      I might just ask them next time and see if they’re ok with it! Thank you!

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