7 Topics, 7 Days | Blog Challenge|

7 Topics, 7 Days | Blog Challenge|

Hey lovelies!

Like I said, I’m starting a new challenge! 

So, the first topic we’ll be talking about is nature!

It’s all about going back into the wild and appreciate the beauty of it! I always feel like the Earth isn’t appreciated enough by people. It’s very sad.

I don’t go outside a lot. When I do, I really take my time to just look around me and really just see what’s around us. This planet is filled with beauty and I want to share those moments with you guys!

2 weeks ago we had a field trip with our minor. We went to one of the islands of The Netherlands, Schiermonnikoog. Our teachers gave us a task. We had to spend an hour just on our own with our bikes. We had to clear our minds and appreciate the calmness that the island provided for us.

I saw a road that lead to a forest. Since I was kind of scared of going there alone, I biked passed it first. While I was riding my bike I kept wondering what that forest looked like, so I went back!















When I was riding my bike I noticed that there was absolutely nobody else in the forest. It was very peaceful. One of the tasks was to take pictures of the place where we felt at ease on the island. The ones ones on the side are the ones I took.  When I was in the woods, it really felt as if I was in a world that was completely my own. Like there was nobody else. No stress and no pressure from school. It was amazing!


During the trip, a few of my friends and I skipped dinner and went to the beach! Some of them took breathtaking pictures.

We were on our way, only to find out we went in the wrong direction. So, we dropped our bikes and walked to the beach through the dunes. WHICH WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS, BUT SO MUCH FUN!






That little trip just really reminded me to go outside more often and just look around me. The planet we live in is beautiful and we take so much advantage of it. We should appreciate everything it has given us!

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What were some of your – nature appreciation – moments?

~Good Vibes Only~




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2 Replies to “7 Topics, 7 Days | Blog Challenge|”

  1. I can totally relate to this. I was just in Australia traveling and I stopped with some friends at Kangaroo Point.
    We were expecting a sort of touristic park with kangaroos but said whatever, we have nothing better to do.

    So we were walking to get to the area and 100 meters further we saw this opening and it was beautiful!

    It turns out that it was a huge beach with literally no civilisation in site and surrounded by nature with a gorgeous sunset right in front of our eyes!
    It was amazing! Moments like those, I realise how little we are in this vast universe and it’s overwhelming at how powerful that is.

    1. I know right! When you don’t pay attention to it, the world just flashes by. When you think about it, you realize how big and beautiful the world is!
      Your story sounds so awesome!! I hope you enjoyed!

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