15 Of My Favourite K-Pop Groups!

15 Of My Favourite K-Pop Groups!

Hey lovelies!

Today, I was having a K-pop throwback and it gave me the inspiration to make a list of my favourite K-pop artists!

I have been listening to K-pop since 2009 and I have had my fair share of obsessions with groups. Although my fangirling has subsided a bit, there are still a few groups that hold a very special place in my heart ~❤️



I don’t listen to them anymore and I don’t keep up with their activities. They were my first K-pop group and they got me obsessed with K-pop. They will always have that special place in my heart. I’m eternally grateful to them for introducing me to K-pop!




Secret has got to be my all time favourite girl group ever. I seriously love them so much. Hyosung was in a TV show called – Oh, My School – and since that moment I fell in love with them. I really do miss their old music style. Especially Hana’s rapping. She is such an amazing rapper and they don’t show it anymore. Nevertheless, I still love their new music.



Teen Top

Teen Top is one of my first K-pop groups. I got super obsessed with them. because of a fanfic  I love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GROUP OK? For my first concert ever, I went to Teen Top in Germany. I was so happy to see them live. It’s like realizing they are actually alive and you aren’t dreaming about their existence. It was amazing. I don’t keep up with their new songs anymore. I really should, because their music is amazing!





I LOVE 2NE1. I love everything about them. Their music is amazing.  I love how they come back stronger every comeback and how much different styles they can work with. They experiment a lot, but still manage to keep their own style in it. That’s real talent.




THIS GROUP MAN THIS MOTHER FUCKING GROUP. I WILL DIE FOR THEM. I followed them since they were Team B. I WAS ROOTING FOR THEM. Then the stupid ass mix&match show came up and fucked them around again. I felt so bad for them. They came out stronger and with a new member though. I seriously don’t have enough words to explain how much I love them.




Global Icon

With Gobal Icon I mean the original members. They were producing hip hop music like crazy. They were so talented, but they were treated like shit. A few of them left and since then I haven’t been listening to them. I should keep up with them again to see if I like them.

**Quality is not great**



I am in love with them. All of them. They got me obsessed in 2014 with Nod Along. I could legit not sleep at night if I didn’t hear that song at least once a day. I was so crazy about that song and about them it was cray cray. It’s been awhile since they released an album and I’m GETTING REALLY IMPATIENT




I really like their music and I love the members a lot. Their music is always so different and interesting. You feel like really digging in to their music to understand the instument harmony.


Block B

I LOVE BLOCK B. I remember the heartbreak I felt when the Thailand scandal broke out. It broke my heart. I cried so much for them. Then the rumours about them disbanding came up. That broke my heart even more. It was so bad. When they released the first teaser of their comeback with U-Kwon, I cried like a motherfucker. The Be The Light got released and I couldn’t take it. I was so emotional. I wanted to get it tattooed and shit. Hahah Block B is making me feel some type of way.


Girls Day

I just really like their members. Their music doesn’t really speak to me, but I just really like watching them on TV shows and stuff. I have a few songs I really love, but I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore fan of their music. I just really love the members. They are just really cute and fun.



THEY ARE SO TALENTED I CRY. Sanchez’s voice is killer. For real. Listen to it. MY GOD. They are really funny as well. They have such amazing music, it takes my breath away. No shit.



THEY ARE SO FUNNY. I heard from them before their debut and they were really hyped on Tumblr, so I checked them out. They have amazing vocals with even more amazing personalities.


Big Star

They are so funny and they are from Brave entertainment, one of my favourite record labels. Maybe you have heard of Brave Brothers? They are great dancers and Feeldog is boyfriend goals, man. They All have#KillerAbs. They have their own mini show on YouTube and they are just really entertaining


I remember their debut like it was yesterday. Elvis was such a fun song and the idea of band/girl group was really interesting. I really like their sub-units as well. They’re just a really wel rounded group.



YES. THIS GROUP IS MY LIFE. I love their music. They haven’t released any music lately and it makes me sad. I seriously love ALL of their music and that’s rare. I love how their music



These were a FEW of my favourites. I will probably do a part 2 of this!


What are your favourite K-pop groups? Let me know, so we can fangirl together!


~Good Vibes Ony~



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